FBCDC Recruits Millennial "Vision Board" Members

Thursday, September 6, 2018
The Vision Board is the creative arm of FBCDC. It is an advisory board made up of visionary young adults connected to the southeast Queens communities in some way. The role of the Vision Board is to create ideas for improving the local community and engaging other young adults in that mission.

The Vision Board is geared toward adults ages 20-35 who live in, work in, or have some other connection to southeast Queens, New York. Members of the Vision Board will meet together three times per year generally (March, June, September), and of course they will communicate and collaborate online as needed.

The next meeting of the Vision Board is scheduled for September 27, 2018, 7:30pm. We are particularly seeking individuals with any of the following interests or backgrounds: the arts, tech, entrepreneurship, music, legal advocacy, health & wellness, food & nutrition, and education.

The Vision Board is absolutely an opportunity to build your resume, your contacts, and your experience. Several of the participants in our organization have leveraged this platform to gain new jobs, get accepted to colleges & graduate schools, and advance their careers. Furthermore, the Vision Board is an opportunity to enjoy yourself by using your skills in a way that is meaningful to you, right in a community that you care about, while meeting new people.