LL Cool J to receive Kennedy Center Honors

Friday, August 4, 2017
LL Cool J has been selected to receive Kennedy Center Honors this year, making him the first solo rapper honoree!  I could not let this morning pass by without sharing this great news.
Article: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ll-cool-j-named-kennedy-centers-first-solo-rapper-honoree-w495933
"Why is this great news?" you might ask.  
The answer is simple: Farmers Boulevard.  
LL Cool J represents the greatness that is pulsing around the artery of Farmers Boulevard.  The nation has known about our greatness for a long time, and now the nation has bestowed one of its highest honors to our neighborhood.
"That's L's honor; it doesn't belong to 'our neighborhood,'" you might say.
Oh yeah?  Then tell that to Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, who was named as the Kennedy Center's first artistic director for hip-hop culture in 2016.
"OK, big deal.  America likes Queens' hip-hop," you might say.
Not just hip-hop.  Look at the trails that Daymond John is blazing as one of the nation's most respected entrepreneurs and "sharks" on Shark Tank, having emerged from Farmers Boulevard.  
America respects the ingenuity of our neighborhood.  America respects the innovators from our neighborhood.  America expects greatness from our neighborhood.  I expect greatness from our neighborhood.  We have not achieved all of what we can achieve yet, so I want all of us to expect greatness from our neighborhood.  I want all of us to expect greatness from one another.
That's what Farmers Boulevard is about.  Cultivate greatness.